Last Updated: 5 August 2020.



Great News !! Our beloved club is taking the first steps towards reopening. Starting on Thursday August 6, the club will resume renting for dance lessons and small exclusive events.

We are starting with small steps.  No more than 10 people in the club at any time.  Masks must be worn at all times.  See the 'Rules' section below for more.  But we are open.  Yay !!  



To visit the club, you MUST first register on our new Reservations system, and accept the new rules and waiver.  Then you must have a reservation for every visit.  If you are taking a private lesson, your instructor will make your reservation for you, but they can only do that after you have registered.   

To register:

  1. Visit the 30-Up website at
  2. Select 'Reservations' on the menu (click on the 3-line menu icon if using a phone)
  3. Click on the 'Register' button at the bottom of the screen
  4. Acknowledge the rules and waiver, and register.

Use your real name, phone number, and email (we will keep your information strictly confidential).  This application replaces the log book that restaurants must keep, and we will have to show it to Public Health inspectors.

Once you are in, you will be able to see all reservations, but only first names.  

The reservations software was built quickly, and designed to grow with us as we explore how to return the 30-Up to full operations.  Likely it will have some bugs.  If you see any problems with the new software, or have any questions, please contact Tom Berend at



We are starting with non-exclusive dance lessons (up to 3 instructors at a time, each with up to 2 students), and small exclusive-use bookings. 

If you are a dance teacher, or you want to book practice time, then contact Marjorie White at, and she will enable you to make bookings.  All bookings are paid by Paypal or credit card at time of booking, so that we do not have to handle cash. 

Perhaps you want to book an exclusive slot  for a group lesson or a small dance party for your friends.  You can, for up to 10 people.  But every one of them must be registered on our site and reserved to attend. Talk to Marjorie, and she will set you up.



These are the new rules that you will agree to when you register on our Reservation system.

  1. You cannot enter the club unless you have registered online AND have an activity booking. Teachers should NOT book anyone who has not registered on this site, so that we have waivers, can keep an accurate attendance log, and each dancer is notified of the rules.
  2. Masks must be worn in the club at all times.
  3. All bookings start and end on the hour, and lessons end at 10 minutes before the next hour. Wait outside until the time of your booking. If you are dropping off a student, wait outside until it is time to pick them up. Start packing up at 10 minutes to the hour so you will be out of the building before the next dancers arrive.
  4. No food in the club. If you bring a drink, then take away the empty container. Leave no garbage behind.
  5. Put on your dance costume (if any) before you arrive at the club. Do not change at the club. Minimize personal belongings.
  6. Wash your hands regularly. Sanitizers will be available at the entrance, exit, and by the chairs.
  7. Wipe touchpoints before you use a chair and after you finish (usually for changing shoes). Wipes will be available near the chairs.
  8. Only use the washroom at the entrance, the washrooms in the back are closed. Wipe down the toilet seat before you use it, and again after you use it. Wipes will be available in the bathroom.
  9. Teachers may bring their own music systems. If you use the Club system, you must wipe it down before and afterwards.
  10. Teachers and students must enter by the Front door, and leave by the Back door (except the last teacher, who must lock the front door and set the alarm).


We look forward to seeing you at the 30-Up Club soon.