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Regular Club Tea DanceTuesday Oct 2612:00 PMLarry Hall
Regular Club DanceFriday Oct 297:00 PMHaida Wang
Regular Club DanceSaturday Oct 307:00 PMLarry Hall
Regular Club Tea DanceTuesday Nov 0212:00 PMAlex Rivas
Regular Club DanceFriday Nov 057:00 PMAlex Rivas
Regular Club DanceSaturday Nov 067:00 PMPat Gullo

Halloween is coming!  Book now to reserve your spot!




30 UP is a membership club. We rely on the skills, talents, and energies of all our members to succeed.

We need new directors to steer the Club into an uncertain and changing future. Do you have leadership skills? The ability to strategize 30-UP POST PANDEMIC, 30-UP NEXT GENERATION? What about financial skills, marketing, communication, technological skills?

All directorship positions are up for re-election at the AGM in April, and several current directors have indicated they will not run again.

Dancers, are you ready to STEP forward? Please talk to Marjorie White at 416-702-8747.




  • Orlando  is the DJ on Friday Evening Oct 22. Tickets are still available.
  • Alex is the DJ on Saturday Evening Oct 23.   ALMOST SOLD OUT
  • Larry is the D J on Tuesday Afternoon Tea Dance Oct 26. 

  • We are licenced as a 'Dinner Club with Dancing', which has stricter patron limits than either restaurants or health clubs (25% of maximum).  If our limits are raised, (which may happen this week, we will immediately release new seats for the Saturday dance.
  • The Sapphire Dance Club runs dances on Sunday Afternoons and Tuesday Evenings.  Text Yuli at 416-577-5293 for more info.
  • The Java Dance Club runs dances on Sunday Evenings. Text Haida at 416-918-7357 for more info. 
  • Steve Nelson runs practice dances on Monday and  Wednesday Evenings.  SEE BELOW
  • Reservations are REQUIRED for ALL these dances, DO NOT JUST SHOW UP.  You can book your spot online with our Reservation System.
  • Proof of Vaccination is Required 


We have spaced out the seating for 6-foot separation, and only book 2 people per table. With a maximum of 38 people, the club is fairly empty. 

If you want to move and sit with your friends, that's fine but use common sense and find a table where you are at least 6 feet from the nearest neighbours.   

And keep your masks on.  We look forward to seeing you at the Club.



Alex will be teaching a 30-minute line dance lesson from 7:00 to 7:30 on Saturday October 22 (Free with admission).  It's great fun and you don't need a partner.


Alex will be teaching three new dances this fall, and here are the YouTubes if you want to check them out:  Dance Monkey,   Bicycle Waltz, and Suavemente Besame.

The regular dance will begin promptly at 7:30.  






Orlando is the DJ on Friday Oct 22. Alex is the DJ on Saturday Oct 23.   Doors open at 7:00 and dancing starts at 7:30.  Please join us for an evening of elegant Ballroom and hot Latin dancing, line dances, and great company.

Tickets are $15 for Members, $20 for Non-Members (plus HST).  You MUST register and book your spot online.

We are restricted to only 18 couples by the Toronto Public Health rules, so sign up NOW.

You will have to show your proof of full vaccination at the door, or email a copy to Marjorie. (But only once, if you have already done then we have it on file.)  Masks are required. And you have to reserve ahead of time.

Unfortunately, no meal or refreshments yet (bring your own, but our liquor licence does not permit you to bring alcohol).  And no dance host yet.  But we will have a great time dancing and seeing old friends.

More info about reservations and how to register below.




Larry is the DJ on Tuesday Oct 26, playing our usual mix of strict tempo Ballroom and Latin dance numbers along with a scattering of social Latin and our usual line dance sets.  

Doors open at 11:30 and the dance runs from 12:00 - 3:30 pm.

Unfortunately, no lunch or refreshments yet. And no dance host yet.  But we will have a great time dancing and seeing old friends.

Tea Dance admission is $12 for members and $15 for non-members (plus HST).   You MUST register and book your spot online.

There is absolutely no parking in front, behind, or beside the building during the day. We have free parking in the theater lot across the road for the Tea Dance (30-Up parking passes available at the desk), or park on the road if you wish.

More information about reservations below.




Steve Nelson's Open Practice Sessions:


Steve is holding open practice sessions on Monday and Wednesday nights from 8 to 10 p.m. He will be playing Latin from 8 to 8.30 and Standard from 8.30 to 10.

Cost is: 2 hours - $25 per couple; 1 1/2 hours - $20 per couple; 1 hour - $15 per couple. Cash payment at the door.

Please register on-line to book your spot.







You now need a reservation to dance at the 30-UP Club.  There are several reasons.  We have to keep a detailed attendance log for Public Health.  We are only allowed a small number of attendees (38).  We don't want to handle cash at the door for safety reasons.  We have to track who has shown us their proof of vaccinations.  It's all part of keeping you safe as you dance at the 30-Up.

For those reasons, and more, we have built an on-line reservation system for the club.

To reserve your spot, visit and click on 'Reservations' on the top menu.  Register on our site if you have not already done so.  Flip to the date that you want to dance, click on the event, and reserve your spot.   Let us know if you have any difficulties, it's a new system and may have some kinks.

If the system says that you are not a member, then likely you have a different email address on our files.  Simply send an email to Peter Van Tol at (or talk to any board member) and we'll get it corrected.


You must reserve and pay ahead for 30-Up Club Dance events when you make your reservations.  We do not accept cash at the door.







You must show us proof of full vaccination in order to enter the 30-Up Club. 

You only have to do this once and we will tick you on our new reservation system. We will not keep a copy of it or any information in it.  But we need to see your vaccination record before  we will let you into the club.

If there is a medical reason that you cannot get vaccinated, then call Marjorie and we will try to find an accommodation that keeps both you and our dancers safe.

You can mail a screenshot or a photo of your proof of vaccination to Marjorie at, or bring it with you the first time you come to a dance.







The reservation system is running, and it's a key element for keeping you safe at the 30-Up Club, and for helping us manage reservations.


If you log in, you can see what events are running, confirm your reservations, and see who will be at the table with you. It's first-name only for privacy reasons.  

But we can see even more! The image to the right is what we see when we look at a club event. The green checkmarks show dancers who have provided their proof of vaccination. We follow-up the others BEFORE they arrive at the Club, and prevent them from entering. We have full email and phone tracing in case Toronto Public Health needs to see it.

You only have to show us your proof of vaccination once. We will not keep a copy of it or any information in it.  But we will not let you into the club without it.








Click here to visit the 30-Up Facebook page.  LIKE us so we can share photos and events with you. THANK YOU to Carol Laimer Senneville for maintaining our page, and making graphics for us.

Please share photos of dancing at the club, it really helps us spread the word and attract new dancers.  If you aren't a Facebook user, then just email a photo to us or give us permission to post your photo from the 30-Up photo pages and we'll take care of it.





Dancers are asked to wear dance shoes to protect our floor.  Smart Business casual dress (or better) is preferred on Friday and Saturday nights, or dress appropriately to a theme dance


The 30-Up Club
22 Dorchester Avenue
Toronto, Ontario