March 7, 2021

The 30-Up Club is presently closed under Toronto's lockdown rules.   


March Newsletter

Another great newsletter from Peter Lee, celebrating our club's 70th birthday with his usual stunning graphics.  Thank you.

 You can find it on our website, or directly here.






As we celebrate the 30-Up Club’s 70th anniversary, we are also sadly recognizing the anniversary of the COVID-19 Virus, which caused us to shut down the Club last Friday, March 13th. You may remember that it was in that week the Prime Minister’s wife returned to Canada with the Virus, and the NBA and NHL halted operation. Apart from a brief period in which we were able to allow some teaching, and small groups of people to dance, the Club has been closed for a year.

I thank the Board, whose careful stewardship, greatly aided by Federal Government funding to support our remaining major expenses (rent, and taxes), has ensured that the Club will continue to thrive.

Now it is time to cautiously plan for the summer and what we expect will be a gradual -but joyous- reopening. There are two decisions by the Board already:

  • Although ongoing “permanent” table reservations will no longer exist, Members will be able to pay and book ahead for a particular table in advance through our website.
  • Since people have not been able to get full value from their Memberships, these will all be extended until June 30th 2022. New Members will be accepted when we reopen.


One disappointing change is that our friends at Dance Plus, which has been next door to the Club for 22 years, have moved as the Landlord needs more space for his own business. (This will not affect our space in any way, and the Landlord has indicated his willingness to continue our lease beyond next year. However, we always keep an eye out for other locations until we have signed a mutually satisfactory deal!)

I’m sure that the Club’s long and mutually supportive relationship with Barbara Wilson and Ron will continue as they search for, and open up at, a new location. Dance Plus is still open for shoe sales and can be reached through









Our 2021 AGM will be held on Zoom at 5.00 p.m. on Saturday April 24th. At this meeting, we will be electing a new Executive for the Club. All members of the current Executive are running for re-election, so we are assured a full Board to carry us through these complicated times.

We encourage others to run, and current Board Members will not take offence! If you are interested, please contact Marjorie White ( or Peter Van Tol (

All nominations must be received on or before 15th April. This early date will allow us to arrange a vote to be held during the Zoom AGM.


In February, we missed celebrating Chinese New Year, and Valentine’s Day... and in March we will miss our St Patrick’s Day Dance – which was our first event to be cancelled when we shut down last year. We will also miss our (70th) Anniversary celebration, the always popular Black & White Dance.